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Protect Against Things Going Wrong
Medical expenses
High medical bills can drain your retirement savings. Read here for ideas to protect yourself.

5 Steps to Prevent Boomers' Poor Health from Bankrupting America

How to Afford Health Insurance if You Retire Early

Medicare's Part D Donut Hole: How to Close It Yourself

"Closing" Medicare's Donut Hole: Why You Shouldn't Feel Relieved

Can You Afford Your Employer's Retiree Medical Insurance?


Generate Lifetime Income
Manage Living Expenses
Protect Against Things Going Wrong
Plan For A Good Life

Long-term care
There's a chance that high bills for long-term care could wipe out your retirement savings. Everybody needs a strategy for paying for long-term care expenses. Read here for details.

Should You Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-Term Care Insurance: 6 Ways to Buy It Right, by Jane Bryant Quinn

Long-Term Care: What Are the Real Risks?

Long-Term Care Services: Why It Pays to Shop

Strategies for Addressing the Long-Term Care Threat

Long-Term Care Insurance vs. Other Strategies

Tips for Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

Can't Afford Long-Term Care Insurance? Consider These Creative Strategies

Long-Term Care Insurance: Should You Buy Your Employer's Plan?

Long-Term Care Advice From an Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Death of a spouse
If you're married, it's pretty certain that one of you will die first -- most likely the man. Read here for strategies to prevent leaving your spouse in poverty.

Women: 5 Key Reasons Your Retirement is at Risk

Husbands: Poor Retirement Planning Could Lead to Desperate Housewives



Poor health
Poor Health
Poor health can drain your savings and take the enjoyment out of life. Take steps to reduce the odds.

Don't Let Alzheimer's and Dementia Ruin Your Retirement

Don't Let Alzheimer's and Dementia Spoil Your Retirement

How to Spend Less in Retirement

New Year's Resolution to Eat Healthy: How to Make it Stick

Retirement Planning: Trick Yourself Into Better Habits

How Much Would a Heart Attack Cost You?


Investment losses
Investing in retirement gets tricky. You don't want to get wiped out by stock market losses, but you don't want to lose ground to inflation either. Read here for strategies to balance these risks.

Target Date Funds Help You Stay the Course and Invest Successfully

Study: 401(k) Investors Who Stayed the Course in 2008-09 Were Big Winners

Measuring the Powerful Bull and Bear, by Allan Roth

Why You Need to Diversify Your Retirement Income

Asset Allocation: My Grandfather Had it Right

Why Your Retirement Assets Are Better Off Boring!

Dare to Be Dull Investing, by Allan Roth

Deflation: How to Protect Your Retirement

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