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Planning Strategies

Planning Strategies Here you’ll review overall strategies that give you the big picture.

Four Steps to a Healthy and Prosperous Retirement

Retirement Planning for the Middle Class: A 7-Step Plan

Retirement Planning for the Middle Class: 3 Essential Strategies

Retirement Planning for Gay and Lesbian Couples

In Your Fifties With Inadequate Retirement Savings? Here's Your Plan

Common Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Delaying Your Retirement: What a Difference Three Years Makes!

How Much Retirement Income Do You Need?

Ask the Right Question: How Long Do You Want to Be Retired?

Make Your Money Last for Life

Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years

The Magic Formula for Retirement Security

Generate Lifetime Income
Manage Living Expenses
Protect Against Things Going Wrong
Plan For A Good Life

Money, Happiness, and Lifestyle
Planning Strategies
What do you want for the rest of your life? How much does this cost? These are important questions to consider and discuss with the people you love.

Working Too Hard To Be Able to Retire? How to Get Your LIfe Back

It's a Good Time to Be Aging

Retirement Planning: Trick Yourself into Better Habits

How Much Retirement Income Do You Need?

The Best and Worst of Retirement

How to Retire Happy

Volunteer! You'll Improve Your Retirement


Increase the odds that you'll live independently and enjoy life for a long time.

How to Slow Aging and Save Money Through Exercise

Healthy Living: Increase Your Life Expectancy, Feed Your Piggybank

How to Stay Healthy in Retirement: Lessons from Dad

Does Early Retirement Lead to Memory Loss? One Study Says Yes

How to Have a Longer and Richer Retirement


Tax Planning Insights
Tax Planning  

Roth 401k vs Traditional 401k: Which Is Best for You?

Are Roth IRAs and 401ks Better Because Tax Rates Will Increase? Don't Count on It

Why a Roth IRA or 401k  Might Not Be a Good Idea If Tax Rates Increase

Roth 401k Conversion Pros and Cons

Roth 401k Conversion Can Increase Your Retirement Savings


Life expectancies
It's important to estimate how long you might live, given your family history and lifestyle.

How Long Do You Have to Live?

How Long Do You Want to Live?

Life Expectancies Higher for Latinos: What Can We Learn?

Does Working Longer Increase Your Lifespan?

Planning to Your Average Life Expectancy: A Bad Mistake

Looking for the Longevity Pill

12 Weeks to plan your retirement
12 Weeks to Plan Your Retirement A self-paced, 12-week online program that will guide you through the steps you need to take plan a healthy and prosperous retirement

12 Weeks to Get Your Retirement Plan in Order

Week 1: How Long and How Well Will You Live?

Week 2: Get Professional Financial Help

Week 2: Get the Nonfinancial Help You Need

Week 3: Invest in Your Health

Week 4: Take Inventory

Week 5: What You Need to Know About Social Security

Week 5: How to Take Spousal Benefits

Week 5: Boost Your Social Security Payout by $100,000

Week 5: Social Security Strategies: How to Get $90,000 More For Your Spouse

Week 6: The Best Ways to Generate Lifetime Retirement Income

Week 7: The Best Investments to Generate Income

Week 7: The Best Investments During Retrement: Gauging Risk

Week 8: Managing Living Expenses: The Secret Formula That Will Make, or Break, Your Retirement

Week 9: 9 Ways to Reduce Your Housing Costs

Week 10: Early Retirement? 9 Ways to Find Health Insurance Before Age 65

Week 10: 8 Essential Steps to Enrolling in Medicare

Week 11: Long-Term Care: Don't Let the Cost Blow Up Your Retirement

Week 12: A 6-Step Guide to Figuring Out When You Can Afford to Retire

Week 12: Retirement Planning: How to Do It Right

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