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With scientific advancements allowing us to live longer, it's likely your retirement could last as long as 40 years! So you'll need to make every dollar count, and make smart, informed decisions to have the life you really want.

This free retirement planning guide will help you develop reliable sources of retirement income that cover your expenses for a good life, no matter how long you live, and no matter what happens in the economy.

Our rich collection of self-contained articles, many from CBS MoneyWatch, offer smart strategies on money, health and lifestyle, including:

Start by reviewing the overall strategy shown at the right: Four Steps to a Healthy and Prosperous Retirement. Then customize your learning experience by exploring the topics within each of the four categories, or by digging into the general topics below.

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Special Insights Articles that will help hone your understanding of the critical issues you need to address to successfully plan your rest-of-life.

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